Before You Begin


And first of all thank you for purchasing this course. It is my intention to help you achieve your trading goals. The first thing to understand is that it IS possible. I did it the hard way, but I sincerely hope that this course will allow you to bypass most of the hardship that I suffered.

The trading journey can be long and difficult. Even with strict trading rules, and even after you have developed a system that you KNOW works, you can find yourself making mistakes and not achieving consistent profitability. Do not beat yourself up. Do not allow yourself to feel like a failure or consider giving up. I've been there and I know a LOT of traders who have been in the same position. It takes time to learn, but if you persevere and apply the rules in this course, you WILL be profitable.

It is normal to feel frustrated and to experience setbacks. So approach this course with enthusiasm and learn the methods. If you make mistakes, see them as part of your learning process. No one became an expert overnight.

Enjoy the course and good luck!

James Orr

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