Our Huge Januray Discount to Celebrate 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Pro Zone Trader AND Pro Trend Trader for Less Than the Cost of One Course

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To celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, we are offering our largest ever discount throughout the month of January.

You can gain access to BOTH Pro Zone Trader and Pro Trend Trader for less than what it normally costs to buy just one of the courses.

Below are the breakdowns of each course.

Pro Zone Trader

In this course I teach you how to trade the 5 minute timeframe successfully. These methods took me countless thousands of hours to develop and are extremely high probability. Zone Trader allows you to trade both Indexes and Forex.

This course will show you exactly what I do with step-by-step instructions so you can learn and emulate the Zone Trader methods. With unlimited access to the course you can learn at your own pace, coming back to it as often as is necessary.

Unlimited access to the course includes all future updates. Markets evolve and change, and so your trading plan and methods should evolve and change to keep pace with them. With Zone Trader, you are safe in the knowledge that as I update the way I trade and my trading plan, you gain access to it as well.

What's more than that, at Decisive Trading we don't just 'leave you to it'. You will also be shown how to adapt the trading plan so that you can trade on any market you choose (Forex/Indices/Commodities/Crypto).

In our subscription service (which you get a month free access to, activated at a time of your choosing) we cover the FTSE 100 and the E-Mini NASDAQ. With US Indexes open until 9pm GMT, this means you can learn and trade after work, happy in the knowledge that your charts and analysis has been done and set up by a professional.

Zone Trader is an investment in yourself and your trading education.


-Unlimited access to this course. Review it as often as you like. This includes all future course updates.

- How to prepare your day, including my 'top down' process in detail.

- How to identify specific reversal areas using the strongest support and resistance zones watched by professionals.

- Proven candlestick setups.

- Stops and Money Management, including advanced money management.

- The best way to maximise profits.

- Advanced confluences and how to see market sentiment using moving averages.

- A full week of me doing morning analysis and then in depth subsequent trade results.

- Moving from 'competent to expert' section, explaining how to not only speed up your learning process, but develop your own trading psychology along the way.

- A section on psychology and how to manage your emotion.

- Exclusive access to my subscription service, including an entire one month free trial - £40 per month thereafter (£1.33 per day) or £200 for 6 months (£1.11 per day), cancel at any time. Your free trial can be activated at a time of your choosing, meaning you can run through the course a few times before deciding to use it. This allows you to get the most out of your free month.

- Supporting YouTube videos, including market reviews and also a video posted at the weekend giving my thoughts on the market for the week ahead.

Unlike other 'traders' out there, I am also happy to show my methods in action. I have been posting Zone Trader methods to the Decisive Trading YouTube page for over two years (and trading them for a lot longer).

I do this because I trade what I teach. And what I teach works. This means I am happy to show it in action over and over again.

There is also a section on psychology in this course, with simple but effective ways to control your emotions when trading and avoid the costly mistakes that come alongside trading through fear, anger, greed etc.

Worried you will study the course and then be left in a world of confusion?

With your Zone Trader purchase you get an entire month of free access to my subscription service which covers the FTSE 100 and the E-Mini NASDAQ through CFDs and Spread Betting.

By including the US Index alongside the FTSE 100, it means the markets cover 8am GMT until 9pm GMT. This helps people trade at a time that suits them. With the charts being set up for you and the analysis done, it also helps you to save time as you learn.

This service is not intended as a crutch (as is normal procedure in the trading world). Instead I show you every morning how to set up your chart so you are watching all of the same zones that I am, matched exactly. I give you an overall market analysis at the beginning of the day with likely next moves for the markets identified when possible. At the end of the trading day I also take you through what the market did and go over the Zone Trader setups and how you should have managed them. False signals and the ones that should have been avoided are also pointed out with explanations. The 'why' of every trade is related back to the material of Zone Trader that you have learned.

You have arrived at Decisive Trading because you are sick of hearing about 200% returns per month and 'trading educators' posting about making £7,000 in a trade (but never covering their losses).

The aim of Decisive Trading is to produce independent, successful traders. To do that, we only teach professional, tested and sustainable trading methods.

We are also fully aware that being able to trade effectively does not automatically make you a good trading educator. Because of this, we constantly aim to improve not only our trading and the methods we use, but also the way we teach. That is why we receive such great feedback, and why a huge portion of our students are still in regular contact with us.

At Decisive Trading we are only interested in those who approach trading with a long term view, ready to put in the work and understand that if you can't learn to master a guitar in six months or walk away with a University Degree in one year, you aren't going to master an incredibly difficult industry that quickly.

Are you ready to commit to your trading goals and trading future?

If so, I look forward to welcoming you to the Decisive Trading community.

Pro Trend Trader

In Pro Trend Trader, I teach you my high probability trend trading methods. These are the methods I use for longer term trading, with the focus being on the daily timeframe as well as the 4 hour timeframe. This means that the methods are perfect for trading alongside full time employment, and learning to earn an additional income source or manage your savings.

The course is laid out in great detail, with step-by-step instructions so that you can learn to utilise Pro Trend Trader methods that I use.

Your course purchase entitles you to unlimited access to the course. Being one of the professional Decisive Trading courses, this also includes any and all future updates to the methods. Markets change and evolve, and so trading plans should also adapt to keep pace. With Pro Trend trader you are safe in the knowledge that you will never be left behind.

It's time to invest in yourself, and begin working toward achieving your trading goals.


- Unlimited access to this course, including all future updates. Review it as often as you like.

- A complete, high probability trading plan.

- How to identify key 'areas of interest' when trend trading and how to use them effectively.

- Detailed explanation of the Synchronised Trade used to identify trending markets, with instructions on how to find entries that offer incredible risk reward ratios.

- Detailed explanation of the Counter Trend Big Reversal setup. This trade allows you to get into markets that are just beginning to switch their bias, and take advantage of potentially large market movements.

- Candlestick Setups, Entries, Stops, Money Management, Risk Reward all outlined and explained, including how best to utilise them with Pro Trend Trader.

- Detailed examples and a comprehensive run through of all Pro Trend Trader methods.

- A section on trading psychology. This includes how to develop the 'trader mindset'.

Please note: This course and all associated Decisive Trading content is protected by copyright. Unauthorised copying or sharing will be prosecuted. Copyright © 2020 James Orr

Please note: This course is an information based product, not a phsyical product. Because of that, once you have done the course, you have effectively 'used' the material and gained the knowledge available. This means there is a strict no refund policy on our courses if you watch more than 25% of the lectures.

Your Instructor

James Orr
James Orr

Hi. I’m James Orr, founder of Decisive Trading. I taught myself how to trade, and believe me, I did it the hard way. On my journey I blew up accounts and made every mistake in the book. A lot of this was because the education and training I received was very poor. At the time I believed that the more I spent, the better the education would be, and as such I wasted thousands of pounds on what amounted to useless information.

However I persevered and I learned how to trade successfully. In fact, I developed highly effective, high probability trading methods that I continue to use to this day and that allow me to trade full time.

I got back to basics and spent hundreds of hours on the charts honing what I already knew and searching the world for new, useful information. For months at a time I worked 18 hour days, sat at my computer with a firm determination and more than a few coffees in order to do this. Out of the hard work emerged the solid foundation that was the base for everything I do today.

Decisive Trading is here to allow you to bypass the hardship that I suffered and countless beginner traders continue to struggle through today. My aim is to give you the best chance possible of becoming a successful, independent trader.

In order to achieve this, Decisive Trading offers countless free training videos on our YouTube channel so you can learn the basics for free. On top of that, we have professional training courses designed to take you to the next step on your trading journey, with all of the information being of the highest quality and finely tuned to give you the edge in the markets required to succeed.

Courses Included with Purchase

Zone Trader - 5 Minute Time Frame
Learn to Trade Forex and Indexes Like a Professional (Scroll Down To Learn More)
James Orr
Pro Trend Trader
Learn How To Earn Additional Income Alongside Full Time Employment (Scroll Down To Learn More)
James Orr

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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