Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator

This Indicator Will Detect The Highest Probability Candlestick Setups Automatically

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This candlestick identification software will automatically detect the highest probability entry setups.

These patterns have been honed over hundreds of hours.

This indicator is aimed as a tool to work alongsie the Zone Trader course, however it is also invaluable to anyone with their own trading plan looking for a tool to help them pick the best setup candles every time.

Save time and avoid costly mistakes. Let the software do it for you.

Suitable for Pro Real Time and MT4

Please Note -

1) This is downloadable software and as such, there is no refund available.

2) This indicator will pick out all of the candles that adhere to the strict criteria set out by Decisive Trading. If you are not using the Zone Trader methods, you must have your own trading plan in order to pick out suitable reversal or continuation areas to look for these signals.

Please also note: This course and all associated Decisive Trading content is protected by copyright. Unauthorised copying or sharing will be prosecuted.

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Your Instructor

James Orr
James Orr

Hi. I’m James Orr, founder of Decisive Trading. I taught myself how to trade, and believe me, I did it the hard way. On my journey I blew up accounts and made every mistake in the book. A lot of this was because the education and training I received was very poor. At the time I believed that the more I spent, the better the education would be, and as such I wasted thousands of pounds on what amounted to useless information.

However I persevered and I learned how to trade successfully. In fact, I developed highly effective, high probability trading methods that I continue to use to this day and that allow me to trade full time.

I got back to basics and spent hundreds of hours on the charts honing what I already knew and searching the world for new, useful information. For months at a time I worked 18 hour days, sat at my computer with a firm determination and more than a few coffees in order to do this. Out of the hard work emerged the solid foundation that was the base for everything I do today.

Decisive Trading is here to allow you to bypass the hardship that I suffered and countless beginner traders continue to struggle through today. My aim is to give you the best chance possible of becoming a successful, independent trader.

In order to achieve this, Decisive Trading offers countless free training videos on our YouTube channel so you can learn the basics for free. On top of that, we have professional training courses designed to take you to the next step on your trading journey, with all of the information being of the highest quality and finely tuned to give you the edge in the markets required to succeed.

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